Sunday, October 19, 2008

In The End

In december 2004 , tsunami wreaked a great loss to the many lankan lives irrespective of their ethnicity.Its estimated that LTTE and tamils shared about 50% of the damages caused . Italian embassy collected a huge amount of money and gave it to LTTE for reliefs. Chandrika bashed them with anger for doing this " inhuman" act without consulting her. LTTE had huge economical losses , lost many weapons and about 1200-1500 cadres were dead due to tsunami. ( December 29 , 2004 report) . But the whole international arena appreciated LTTE for its painstaking efforts to provide relief measures. Disaster Management System of them became a role model to may countries in the world.

In november 19 , 2005 mahinda became the president and this was because of LTTE's announcement to tamils , they asked them to boycott the polls otherwise ranil could have won this election and the latest humanitarian crisis could have been avoided.February 2006 , both the sides went to geneva for a peace pact and it didnt work out.

In april 25 , 2006 sarath fonseka the army chief was attacked by a human bomb and he was severely wounded and 9 were dead. The big shock to them was the location of the attack , army head quarters.Mahinda rajapakse started his count in august 8 , SLA's air force attacked mavilaru due to a water dispute between tamls and sinhalese and won the battle by a huge margin.. October 16 , 2006 LTTE resonded back by the biggest suicide bomb attack , a person drove the lorry towards an army camp and killed about 129 army persons and in the same day SLA responded by killing 61 kids in sencholai. Totally the air force dropped 16 bombs there in sencholai and throughout the world this barbaric act was vehemently condemned.

When SLA attacked vaharai and mattakalappu about 60,000 tamils turned as refugees and 43 LTTE cadres were found dead and the biggest victory for GoSL came when they drove tigers out of triconamalee . Tigers were then considered to be weakest in their history until this happened.

In march 26 , 2007 LTTE bombed katunayake international airport , news may be similiar but this time they did it through air, 3 were dead and 16 wounded.The jet is a glider type and they altered the seating positions to drop bombs and in october 22, 2007 there was another attack through air.

In november 2 , 2007 along with 5 others was found dead due to an air attack in killinochi and earlier in december 14 , 2006 anton balasingham died due to cancer. Rest at the present we all can get the news about the humanitarian crisis and war front news happening now in lanka.LTTE was an organisation started with 30 and its now having more than 25,000 members. They are virtually running a government with police stations and courts , colleges and schools. But theres a great economic depression in their region , one Kg of rice costs 180 Rs and its 400 , 650 for sugar and petrol viz due to the economic constraints place on their region.

Thank you mate , if you have read all my stuffs from the beginning.As i have already said am not here to present anything in my perspective and I took maruthan's book as my reference and started this 4 days ago. But I really had to face a lot of troubles due to my limited vocabulary. Earlier in my school days i knew LTTE as a terrorist organisation having child suicide bombers and they killed rajeev and I thought that they are trying to separate a good innocent country and all the credits goes to the media persons like ram and cho.They had their criticisms but they didnt tell about the genocide happened ( happening) which according to me is a biased journalism. When i joined TNP in orkut , lot of arguments were going on about eelam and i was unable to participate in all those topics and when i was almost convinced that LTTE is completely legitimate , Srinivasan ramani ( my college senior) showed me the other side of the coin. I knew nothing about the genocide happened and thanks to people in TNP for constantly bringing up this issue. My works are definitely not for experts , but there are a lot of people like me still unaware of whats happening in lanka and I hope that atleast some people would get a birds eye view of what happened there.

Thank you all


சதீஷ் said...

I read all your articles. Itwas a nice collection of information for newcomers like me who don't know anythign about eelam and the civil war taking place in srilanka.
Eelam's issue a good example of "biased journalism". It makes us to think that our life is going only in the right direction by showing the decorative luxuries that everyone doen't get. GOOD WORK. THANKS.

Balaji said...

Good one da prakash. I read an article from Kaala suvadugal (a weekly) by v.k.ramasamy(u may be knowin him i guess). It was an article on kashmir issue and it concludes saying that kashmir is another eelam, because those who are there are demanding a seperate nation and acts of Indian army are as brutal as SLA..Need ur feedback on this thro any new article, if u can find some time...

Nishanth Krishnan said...


I loved it.

And though this may be considered by some as a ONE sided view. But i have no doubt that u have not tried to hide any facts.

Kudos mate

An advice:- this may be against some law, so add some note in the beginning about this being a personal view

Prakash said...

@ krish

Mate ,

All these are published facts , i have done nothing but virtually translated a book with net links to substantiate it and yes , in my own words.

Thanks for your concern anyways. [:)]