Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roots of the ethnic conflict part 4

1974 , the year in which " Ulaga tamil aaraychi maanadu " ( Translations can mislead ) was scheduled from january 3 to 10. Lots of scholars , linguistic researchers , literature personalities were rushing to yazhpanam. The organisers didnt expect that there would be a huge crowd of about 50,000. Alfred durayappa , a tamil mayor was too obstinate that he refused to help the organisers in this regard ( There are reports about him saying that he was a sinhalese sycophant but no solid proofs are there).Infact he was not performing his duty on that time and when the meet was about to began , police force came there and shot tear gas , there was a huge hue and cry all over.About 9 people were dead due to this stampede , when their relatives were crying , Sivakumaran cant control his wrath as the death and the disruption of the meet was a result of alfred duraiappa's sycophantic obstinacy.

Eventually sivakumaran made a couple of attempts , he showed his gun to chandrasekaran ( thepolice official ) and alfred durayappa and both of them were failures.Exasperated by repeated failures , in june 5 , 1954 he went to the gobe bank to rob the same , he shot a couple of bullets directed towards the armed guard of the bank and sadly both missed the target.Guard began to chase him , sivakumaran ran faster and tasted cyanide.

All the posts in tamil areas were hoisting black flags , even the local police officials were taken aback when they saw a huge crowd of about 15,000 attending his funeral.Selvanayagam expressed his grievances by saying this " though the path taken by sivakumaran was a wrong one , I bow to his ambitions and his sacrifice"

Meanwhile , selva won a election during february 6, 1975 and prabahkaran was silent ( its said that he went to india along with periyajothi , kutimani and co , stayed in chennai and returned to yazhpanam along with chetty.Chetty was a criminal , robber and a gangster , still prabhakaran reposed faith in his as he could help him in getting guns) for the elections to be over.Prabhakaran decided to rob a bank for gettinng financial support , but chetty did a fine job of robbing it and he kept all the money with him and he even bought a car with it.Prabhakaran didnt worry about the money at that point of time , but he was skeptical about the integrity of chetty , because chetty would easily concede the facts of his whereabouts.He was thus forced to spread his group TNT to various places .

Kuttimani was arrested with a boat full of explosives and during the 1975 world cup EROS , basically a student revolutionary organisation showed banners condemning the atrocities of the lankan government and they raised it whenever the camera passed by them in order to get global attention.

On july 27 , 1975 prabhakaran made up his mind , he along with a gang of three went down to varadharajan temple where alfred durayappa parked his car near a small restaurant .When he wished these people raising his hand , prabhakaran took the gun and shot him to dead and the group ran away.The first official murder for the cause of seperate eelam was recorded.
Sinhalese government order for a vigorous search of TNT members , prabhakaran ordered them not to stay in their homes.But arumuham kripakaran and kalapathi disobeyed his orders and were eventually caught red handed by the police.Hearing about this murder , lot of young people met prabhakaran expressing their wish to join with him. He then chose vavuniya forest as his place for preparation.Its a spot called as poonthottam , covering 40 acres of fertile land about 3 Kilometers from vavunia.The training period was extremely tough covering lot of activities like judo , karate , gun assembly , shooting practise and even cooking.

But they were really running short of funds and they decided to rob a bank , they convinced themselves with a reason , though bank contains tax payer's money , the government has done nothing with that to the cause of tamils and so theres nothing wrong in robbing it.March 5 , 1976 they plundered about 5 lacs of cash and gold worth of 2 lacs.TNT was marked as the most wanted terrorist organization by the GoSL and prabhakaran was the most wanted person after this incident.

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