Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roots of the ethnic conflict - Part 3.

It was in the same year prabhakaran's aunt was narrating him the story about how the near-by houses were demolished and the children were thrown into fire. It was all about blood , tissues and the body parts which were flushed down in the drainage .Her house was set to fire and her husband was beaten to death and the mob threw a child into fire and was watching it with joy.

Selva's federal party was banned for no legitimate reason .Prabhakaran's first attempt was about preparing a time bomb in his age of 14 with his mates ( one of his teachers venugopal had inspired him during these days) in his own school. They filled an empty bottle with the ingredients required for a bomb ( even chemicals from their school) and covered it with a cork and kept it in their school toilet during the lunch interval.

BOOM. Head master enquired about this and asked him to keep these stuffs outside and he exactly did the same.

Then started the professional preparation for a small group of people.It covered a gamut of practices like lying down in a bed packed with chillies to karate , judo etc. They wanted to make their preparation complete with shooting practice but unfortunately they were left alone without a gun.

In april 7 , 1969 federal party organised a three day meet under selvanayagam and prabhakaran along with his mates joined them. Hmm , lots of people have lost their hopes in gandhian way at that point of time but still selva believed that freedom can be attained through sathyagraha.

People with similar thoughts came together , prabhakaran joined with kuttimani and thangadurai and theirs was a group called as " Tamil viduthalai iyakkam" .It had about 25 members , prabhakaran was assigned a job of assembling and dismantling guns ( heavy weight point 22 and point 38 revolvers).Then he got his training under a mechanic in preparing bombs and in 1970 he got his legs hurt in a minor accident while making a bomb.

The first person to strongly raise his voice for a seperate eelam was sundaralingam. The 1958 atrocities made him to think so , he and navaarathinam raised their voice during late sixties.But the federal party leaders condemned them , in fact in april 4 , 1970 they released a report strongly condemning them and terming them as " parochial and seperatist forces".Eventually both of them lost by a huge margin in the may 27 , 1970 election and srimavo bandaaranayake ( wife of solomon bandaranayake , amen) became the prime minister at her age of 54.

She was given a huge list by buddhist monks and they asked her to take action against the injustice ( !!! ) meted out to them. The thing was " Tamils have came out with flying colors in all the fields , about 37.2% who have passed in science and technology are tamils , 40.5% of doctors are tamils , in agriculture and its related technologies they are about 41.9%" .Take action against this barbaric act was the call and this ammayar did remember what happened to her husband when he was trying to act as a moderate.
As expected , she announced separate entrance examinations for tamils and sinhalese. Federal party was reluctant to act against this as they had many other headaches other than this. This paved the way for the formation of Tamil Students union - TSU and sivakumaran joined this group.
In the same year 1970 , prabhakaran burnt an empty bus ( Route: vaalvetidurai to point petro ) and sivakumaran fixed a bomb in an empty car ( owner was none other than the cultural minister of lanka , somaveera suntharasri).But , both of them have never met each other in their life time.

Tiger could be a good symbol was the suggestion by prabhakaran and others accepted and they named their organisation as "Tamil New Tigers " ( TNT) .But those days were really tough for him , in march 1973 police came to his home , until then his father thiruvengadam velupillai ( a staunch gandhian) was unaware of his son's " deeds". He rejoined with kuttimani and thangathurai , but residence was a big problem for them during these days and it was in this period prabhakaran met his father and told him about the whole thing and he asked his father not to worry about him anymore.

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