Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roots of the ethnic conflict - part 5

May 5 , 1976 was the day when TNT with larger number of people was renamed as LTTE. ( Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). Prabhakaran had already decided the symbol as tiger , with yellow and red colors predominantly in the back ground.Flag description could be long , so better try to get a picture of it.

Then he announced the duties and goals of the organisation , they were

1. To liberate seperate eelam from lankan government

2. To establish a socialistic democracy.

3.To eradicate all forms of fascism , especially casteism.

4.To adopt socialistic economic reforms and production.

5. To wage a war with arms to attain their goals.

6. To follow guerilla war techniques in the start and to convert it to a massive war led by the people themselves.

There were so many restrictions too like , he banned the usage of alcohols , cigarette , contact with families and other organisations and even sex.

He appointed himself as the army chief of the LTTE and the duties of the army can be listed as follows

1. To get the information about the spy network of the police and to destroy the same.

2. To be a permanent hindrance to all the anti-tamil activities of the state.

3. To destroy the army camps and to capture the power from them gradually.

All these are documented policies of LTTE during that time and they extermnated natarajan , a petrol bunk owner whom they accused as a traitor in connection with sivakumaran's death.

Selvanayagam became aged and he too at this point of time realised that separate eelam could be the only solution. TULF ( Tamil United Liberation Front ) was formed ( Federal party's name was changed as TULF , nothing else it seems . :) ) headed by amirthalingam.In april 29 , 1977 selvanayagam died naturally and all the tamils were extremely depressed at this point of time.

Amirthalingam won the elections in 1977 and the basic acquistion on him was he never acted according to his words.He enjoyed the opportunity and the luxury of being an opposite party leader and people were really irritated when they saw him shaking hands with jayawardende without any solid genuine reason.

Junious jeyawardene ( a convert like solomon bandaranayake) became the PM in 1977 , he received a petty complaint at that year during august. It was " some sinhalese police officials tried to enter tamil rotary club without proper uniform and entry ticket , but they were not given a permission and they were denied an entry". Jeyawardene's wrath grew like anything after hearing this heinous ( !!!!) crime and as a result yazhpannam burned.More than 300 tamils were killed and 30,000 became refugees , more than 300 temples were damaged for this stupid complaint.

This was the time when tamils lost all their hopes in satyagraha and peaceful movement , with no reason jeyawardene showed a fascistic and racial face which resulted in a very well calculated genocide.Jeyawardene even had a personal vengeance against tamils , once in 1977 while he was campaigning , EROS damaged the stage by pulling the supporting posts and he fell down. But sadly he mistook them as " tamils " and he wanted to respond their laughs and ridicules in a severe way which he did extraordinarily well.

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