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Roots of the ethnic conflict- Part 8

Atel's " Women and Revolution" impressed prabhakaran very much , as much as mathivathini.She came to TN following the GoSL order to close yazhpanam university along with 3 other girls.Prabhakaran sent them to anton's residence in thiruvanmayur and in one fine day when he went there during holi , madhivathini didnt even hesitated to pour colors on prabhakaran and yes they were in love.

Uma maheshwaran was eagerly waiting for such an occasion and he pounced on prabhakaran that he himself has violated the rules. Anton came to their rescue , he spoke with all the cadres personally and the tough marital rules were relaxed .Later mathivathini gave birth to charles antony and dwarakai.In october 31, 1984 Indira gandhi was shot dead and rajeev came to power.


Exactly in august 4 , 1984 the first phase of war started between tigers and SLA. First SLA started the game they shot 2 LTTE cadres near poligandi and tigers quickly responded by killing six SL army men.For this encounter GoSL arrested 300 innocent tamil youths tagging them as " terrorists".The war was extremely rigorus as the lankan goverment responded by raiding tamil villages and destroying them completely. Tigers hit back by planting land mine bombs. Due to the continuous war all the organisations decided to come under a single umbrella namely ENLF ( Eelam National Liberation Front ).

ENLF at that point of time is a group of 5 major organisations namely

1984 could be strategically the most important year in the struggle for separate eelam. Prabhakaran gained succesfully in three important arenas
1. In expanding the number of members in his organisation. ( Courtesy : Jeyawardane and SLA for their atrocities)
2. He was able to use the training by india completely , remember how they lost a lakh in lebanon. Training was absolutely free of cost and it was extremely sophisticated.
3. The support of MGR and the funds he gave to Anton balasingham . About 4-5 crores of money was transacted during this year alone.

LTTE grew in numbers during this years , they had two training camps in TN ( Madurai and Salem viz) .About 1300 members were there at that period of time .They strengthened their navy during this time , they got a ship from china and registered the same in panama.People felt safe under LTTE's regime and started paying taxes. Virtually GoSL was alarmed at this situation.

Indian Intervention :
In 1985 , july 8 the first round of talks started between GoSL and ENLF.

ENLF emphasized four important points such as federal form of government , granting citizenship to all the ethnic minorities , recognizing separate eelam and recognizing tamils as a separate nationality.

When the second round of talks were going on , there was a bomb blast near vavunia near an army camp . The response epitomized stupidity, SLA burnt the vavunia library along with 200 people in it. Tamil representatives boycotted the second round of peace talks held at timbu.
January 1 , 1987 LTTE gave an announcement to GoSL claiming that they are going to govern yazhpanam from that day. Jeyawardane’s lost his temper after this announcement and waged an air attack. Tigers responded by bombing Colombo bus stand in april 21 and 200 were dead. GoSL started the ‘ Operation Liberation ‘ at this point of time to liberate valvettidhurai .India sent a ship full of medicines and food stuffs and GoSL sent it back .Irritated by this move , Indian ariforce crossed borders and supplied food parcels via air. A helicopter picked up prabhakaran from sudumalai amman temple and dropped him in trichy. Then he was taken to delhi and was asked to sign in papers containing the peace agreement as he found that some parts were not acceptable , anton and him refused to sign it. But rajeev’s government persuaded or convinced him to put his signature.

The key points of that agreement included the joining of east and western provinces temporarily and it will be made permanent after a plebiscite. War between tamil liberation organisations and SLA would be suspended and india will send its troops as peace keeping forces.Liberation groups should hand over their weapons and SL police officials should hand over the political / liberation prisoners and should release them permanently.Indian army will then train the SLA.

Exactly in july 27 , 1987 peace pact was signed by Rajeev and jeyawardane.In july 30 , 1987 he was attacked by a Sinhalese navy person namely vishayamuni vishitha rohana de silva and the blow was on his left shoulder ( He used his gun’s rear side) .But Rajeev didn’t mind that . On the same day IPKF came to lanka , all the tamils were happy and they shared all their happiness with the IPKF. The only organisation which was skeptical about IPKF was LTTE .

In august 5 , yogi representing LTTE handed over the weapons ( partially) , on the other hand RAW came up with a machiavellian strategy it supplied weapons to ERPLF to counter LTTE .( Reason was prabhakaran’s obstinacy in signing the pact , but the pact really had flaws as it was neither beneficial to sinhalas nor to tamils but had some underground benefits to india.).

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