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War , War and more War

We have to go back to the place where we have left earlier and the place is a five star hotel called hilton. In may 1989 premadossa invited LTTE for talks and he wanted to use tigers to drive IPKF away . In fact more than premadossa , prabhakaran used this offer well and strengthened his army.

In march 2nd , 1991 rajan vijarathne's( minister) mercedes blew up along with him .Then in april 23rd, 1993 lalith athulathmudali was shot dead in colombo.He was the opposition party leader and the party's name is DUNF ( Democratic United National Party) which came away from premadossa's party.In the same year in the may day when premadossa was campaigning in the armor street there was a huge traffic jam. He came out of his car to clear it and suddenly a cycle came by the way and after an hour the guards were unable to find even parts of his body . LTTE immediately released a report saying that they are not responsible for this but people were extremely certain that this was done by LTTE.

In may 7 , Dingiri banda vijathunga became the temproary president and he was there for the next 6 months of the interregnum and he just acted like a military chief and LTTE captured 3 important army camps in these days.

Chandrika kumaratunga was the daughter of srimavo bandaranayake and she became the president in august 19 ,1994.She relaxed the economic constraints in tamils region and she was the first to talk about ' peace '. September 2 , 1994 prabhakaran sent a letter to her asking her to take all the economic constraints and he also said that he was ready for peace talks and as a signal to that he said that LTTE will release 10 captured police men. She replied to him in september 9th welcoming his decisions .

In october 23 , 1994 kamini dissanayaka along with 56 other people was assassinated , she was an opposition party leader but there was no solid proofs on about LTTE's nexus with this incident .In november 12 , 1994 chandrika became the president and LTTE announced peace for a week and they wrote to chandrika that there would be no offences from their side through ICRC ( International Red Cross Committee ) and GoSL presented them with the head of chinnathambi padmanaban ( mali ) , a LTTE cadre throug the same ICRC. Tamil chelvan wrote to GoSL asking them the body of mali and he condemned their act claiming that this was against peace , but there was no positive response from the other side.


Chandrika had promised prabhakaran that she will get back her troops from vavunia but that didnt happen and in fact he gave her time till march 28 , 1995 but she didnt care about that and he extended his dead line till april 19 but still there was no response. LTTE started asking questions in a different way , they blew up the ships surya and ranasuru in tricanomalee . Those were gifts from china worth 20.85 crores . When SLA was about to retaliate LTTE destroyed a couple of brand new AVRO jet flights. The worst part of this is LTTE raided a lot of army camps and plundered mmany weapons and in 1995 alone sinhalese lost 2026 army men and LTTE wreaked them with a loss of billion dollars. January 31 , 1996 LTTE sent six to eight suicide bombers in a lorry and it killed 80 near central bank , colombo.

SLA began effectively retaliating in december 5 , 1995 and they called it as operation sunshine and within 40 days they announced that yazhpanam is under their contol . LTTE in july 18 , 1996 started attacking mullaitheevu and during this period they raided important army camps and took 2 artilleries from them. After all this rampage SLA sent its troops through sea and named that operation as " thrivida bagara " but in fact LTTE's navy was very strong to respond to this and this cost 1200 soldiers to SLA and in all these attacks LTTE lost a lot of suicide bombers ( karumpuligal) . Upto 1995 , from the IPKF debacle the war is named as " Oyatha alaigal ondru " ( Incessant waves part one) by tigers.


Then came the second portion in which through sathyajaya operation 3 troops were sent and vavunia and killinochi were captured by SLA and following that was operation jaya sikuru which intented to capture the intermediate portions. In february 2 , 1998 LTTE started their account to capture killinochi back and later in september 26 killinochi was under their control . Part 2 of the oyatha alaigal ends here.


This one comprises of 2 portions. The first one is the war to get back ottuchuttan captured by SLA and after huge losses they captured it in november 1 , 1999 and gradually they captured mangulam , kanagarayangulam puliyangulam areas.

The second portion of this is from november 7th when mannaar and pallamedu , periamadu , dakshamruthamadu were captured by LTTE from SLA.

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