Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roots of the ethnic divide ...contd

Then in 1958 , a pact was signed between bandaranayake and selvanaayagam which was actually a machiavellian drama by the former guranteeing tamil's interests.It can be simplified as follows " in the north and eastern provinces tamil was recogonised as an additional official language". Tamils were really happy and they were very greateful to selva who made it happen , but their joy didnt last long.

O , i forgot about this bandaranaayake , this gentleman started a party called as Srilanka Freedom party ( SLFP).The biggest irony is , this person's real name is solomon bandaranayake and he was a christian who studied in oxford university and was close to the british government.But sadly he had to pull sinhalese to become a prime minister apart from british.And this brilliant elite got converted from christianity to buddhism.Eh , whats the difference between christ and buddha? . Nothing but for the spelling according to him.His prime need seems to be power and he got that in 1956.On the eve of commemerating the 2500th jeyanthi of buddha , this gentleman announced the golden scheme of sinhala being the only official language .

Lets come back to 1958 when the same soloman , sorry sorry bandaranayake ( strictly) made a tamil friendly constitutional amendment.But treating tamils as equal citizens made sinhalese angry like anything and it was in may 1958 when they started a well calculated and organised genocide.

They started putting " ஸ்ரீ " symbol ( a sinhalese letter) in all buses running in yazhpaanam.This is something analogous to " cut the tall trees "command made in the film Hotel Rwanda.Tamils decided to erase this symbol.This was it , they started vandalising all the properties owned by tamils and this was the period when raping tamil women reached its peak.

Exactly in may 25 , 1958 alone there was about 100 tamils murdered in the areas like polonnaruwa and hingurajgoda.They burnt buses , lorries along with the persons inside it.The lankan police did a fairly good job by keeping mum.

Bandaranayake tore the pact off and the reason stated by him was " this tamils are too barbaric that they even contemptuously erased the letter " ஸ்ரீ " from the buses which was a higly anti-national act". His buddhist facism paid off well , he was killed at september 25 , 1959 by none other than a buddhist monk.

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