Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peace pact - A mirage

When the whole world was celebrating millennium , colombo and yazhpanam were burning as usual. In January 1 st 73 bodies were found in yanayarivu inclusive of army men , tigers and tamils. 40 were dead in vavynia post office due to a parcel bomb and a black tiger killed 12 in the prime minister office.On the same year a LTTE symphathiser kumar ponnambalam( political leader) was killed by some person and LTTE gave ponambalam "maamanithar" tag.
Chandrika announced JUNE 7 , 2000 as martyr's day for SLA and on the same day cabinet minister C.V.Gunaratne along with 21 other people were blown off and these things form the third part of oyatha alaigal moondru.
Fourth part of the oyatha alaigal moondru started in december 26 , 200 LTTE started it in muhamalai kilali and 150 army men were dead and 500 from both sides were wounded . In october 23 LTTE started attacking eastern ticonamalee and this was compensated when a violent sinhalese mob bet 29 children to death in a juvenile jail in pinthanuvo.

Then came the significant decision form chandrika , she called norway to facilitate peace ( oslo pact aalamaram pugal norway) Eric solheim arrived in october 31 and eric was good enough to handle the situation. As expected inDECEMBER 21 , 2000 LTTE announced that they were ready for peace and there would be no offences from their side.But in january 16 , 2001 SLA tried to capture yanayarivu and LTTE retaliated back quickly , both violated the peace pact and the initiative was from GoSL.In march 31 , tigers gave back by blowing up a ship( Dvora fast attack craft) worth 500 million dollars ( People say that SL navy shot bullets against tigers) . In april 24 , operation rod of fire was started by SLA and LTTE quenched the fire with black tigers.

May 4 , collin powell , external affairs minister condemned both sides and asked them to find a peaceful political solution.JuLY 4 , LTTE attacked bandaranayaka aerodrum and wreaked a loss upto 500 million dollars . In september 26 , SLA killed an important commander sankar. Eric solheim warned both the sides and irritated by this GoSL asked norway to change the person and thorbjoern jagaland replaced eric.
December 7 , 2001 UNP won the elections and Ranil wickramasinghe became the PM and in january 2002 , he lifted all bans on western provinces and in return LTTE released 10 captured prisoners. In february 22, 2002 LTTE and GoSL signed in the peace pact and the A9 road was opened for public and GoSL got back its army men. In april 23 , 2002 LTTE and Ranil signed in a MoU.September 5 , 2002 ban on LTTE was lifted and in november 27 , prabhakaran gave an interview. The crux of his talk was , he made it clear that LTTE was ready for peace and it was upto the GoSL to decide about separate eelam or allowing a federal system of government. Sounds sweet right? Yet one person was discontented about all these development and it was none other than the president chandrika , war , no politics in lanka.

Chandrika waited for that opportunity and in november 4 , 2003 when ranil went to USA , chandrika announced " emergency" . She then joined with JVP ( Janatha vimukthi peramuna) and formed an allaince called UPFA ( United People's Freedom Allaince) and she became the president inapril 2 , 2004 and mahinda rajapakse was the PM.

In march 2004 TMVP ( Tamil makkal viduthalai puligal) was formed by karuna and the reason he gave was that prabhakaran was not paying proper attention to eastern province tamils. Karuna joined LTTE in 1983 and was a special commander in mattakalappai and ambarai . He is accused in many cases like getting bribes and he played a key role in 90's in the muslims massacre and his group killed 400-600 SLA men in the same year.

The next one would probably be the concluding article mates.

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