Saturday, October 18, 2008

Criticims on LTTE and the reality behind.

People here have asked me time and again about my criticisms on LTTE and yes , i do have my own versions.But things have to be analysed in depth rather than saying that they are terrorists , blah ,blah , blah. The book which am having as my major source " Viduthalai puligal " by Maruthan has shown both the sides of the coin and again i do refer links continuously to substantiate my views. Enough of my vetti puranams and lets get into some action.

The most common criticism on LTTE is that they have killed many tamil leaders belonging to other liberation organisations and they have wiped out many groups. This statement is a bit gross generalization and lets get deeper into this .

1. July 13 , 1989 TULF leaders amirthalingam , siva chidambaram were shot dead in amirthalingam's residence. This act was done by tigers visu and alosiyas and they were shot dead by the guards of amirthalingam.

2. In july 18 , 1989 in a place called mambalapatti PLOTE's leader uma maheshwaran was found dead but none suspected LTTE as there was a great enmity within the group itself.

3. Santhan allegedly a spy from LTTE joined with padmanabha the chief of EPRLF and in june 6 , 1990 padmanabha and 12 others were shot dead in their residence in soolaimedu. Varadharajan perumal later flew to india because of fear and many EPRLF cadres were killed.

4. Much earlier in april 20 , 1986 LTTE started attacking TELO . Their camps in alavetti , ariyaalai , kattuvan , vattukottai , maanipai , koppai , mayilitti , naavanthulai and mirugavil were destroyed and about 250 people were killed. TELO's leader srisabharathinam was shot dead by kittu in konda.

5. EROS dismissed their organisation and voluntarily joined LTTE

In may 21 , 1991 rajeev gandhi was murdered and am not going into this issue as it will lead to arguments/ counter arguments and to be honest am not sure about the entire thing and so do others , period.

6. In anuary 13 , 1993 kittu's ship was stopped by indian navy and he imediately blew himself and the ship. LTTE started its search to find the balck sheep and it was matthaya. He was constantly monitored and degraded in ranks and later found out to be an informer to RAW and in march 31 , 1993 he was arrested and in december 28 he was given death penalty by the tigers.

But the most important and the major crime committed by them was the forced eviction of muslims.

In october 30 , 1990 they asked muslims to evacuate their residence within 48 hours . Muslims constitute about 7% of the population in lanka and they lived in places like kilinochi , yazhpanam , mullaitheevu etc. They were not even allowed to take their belongings and there are many reports about the massacre of muslims and 58,000 people were made as refugees.

Later in 2002 , Anton balasingham said this "நாங்கள் செய்த இமாலய தவறு இது . எதை சொல்லியும் நாங்கள் ஞாயபடுத்த விரும்பவில்லை ""

According to geneva pact in 1948 , children less than 15 should not be employed in armed struggles. During the IPKF period itself this charge was made against LTTE and by april 2000 , LTTE is accused of having more than 1000 child soldiers and most of them were under the age of seven.

UNICEF vehemently condemned this act of having child soldiers and in april 2003 LTTE allowed about 200 children to join their families . UNICEF has constantly warned LTTE on this regard and LTTE has now reduced its number of child soldiers.

By this time , we have missed the main war fronts by discussing about the criticisms and we have to go back to 1989 .

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