Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dalits and the 'touch' politics.

Links :
Atrocties meted out on dalits : A collection by myslelf.

Missing dalit and an indifferent CM in haryana :

Khairlanji Massacre...

In North India, some of the worst crimes against Dalits are still being committed by upper caste Brahmins.

Official statistics on increasing atrocities :

Labour MPs move against 'atrocities' on Dalits :

‘Atrocities on Dalits continuing’ -In a statement on the eve of World Human Rights Day, Mr. Srinivas said in the last five years, 205 Dalits were murdered, 537 Dalit women were molested and Dalits were attacked in 2,369 incidents.

Anatomy of Atrocities on Dalits in Haryanaby Ranbir Singh, 3 September 2008

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